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Ed Ryan

Ed Ryan (beforeEd Ryan is a gym owner and natural bodybuilder from Fort Myers, Florida. Ed had competed in bodybuilding contests before, placing 2nd in his first bodybuilding show. He competed in the same show a year later but dropped down to 3rd place at 38 years old.

Ed contacted me via email and requested my advice to help him win his next bodybuilding contest. He was planning on competing in two competitions in 2005 and he wanted to improve his condition and his placings the next time he stepped onstage. Ed told me he was tired of trying so hard and always missing out on that coveted first place trophy.

I asked Ed to write out his current training and nutrition program using my online Personal Consultation Program. When I was able to see what Ed had been doing to prepare for his previous competitions, I was able to fix it up so he would see better results in less time.

This was a unique situation because Ed was in Florida and I was in Chicago. I had never met Ed face to face and, in fact, had never even talked to him on the phone. All of our interaction was done through emails and the internet.

Ed Ryan (after)After Ed received his training and nutrition consultation, I continued to advise him all the way up to his contest. Ed would email me each week with his current measurements (waist) and bodyweight. He would also email me the diet he was following each day during that week.

I wanted to see significant changes to Ed’s physique each week. If his waist measurement did not go down by the end of each week, I would carefully look over his diet and make some changes. Sometimes this change would involve cutting back on his carbohydrate intake. At one point, I suggested he cut back on his cardio because he was becoming overtrained by doing cardio more than five times a week.

By overseeing Ed’s diet each week and by Ed’s consistent adherence to his training and nutrition each and every day, we were able to make some major changes to Ed’s physique. He was retaining his muscle mass with noticeable reductions to his bodyfat.

As Ed’s first competition got closer, Ed would email me photos of himself doing the mandatory poses. I was able to advise Ed on ways of improving each pose so he could display his physique to it’s maximum advantage. After all, there is no sense in working so hard to improve your physique if you don’t know how to show it off properly.

At Ed’s first contest, he reached his goal by taking first place overall in the Masters division. He was so excited, he emailed me immediately after he got home from the contest.

As pumped up as Ed was, however, he was skeptical about repeating his victory at his next contest as the competition was expected to be much harder than the first show.

I continued to oversee Ed’s diet and training for the next two weeks before his second bodybuilding competition. With some slight modifications to his diet, Ed was able to get even harder for his next contest.

I was not surprised when Ed took first overall again in his second bodybuilding competition. Two first place overall victories back to back! Ed had finally achieved his goal of winning not one but two bodybuilding contests.

I was particularly proud of my collaboration with Ed Ryan because I was able to help him change his physique exclusively online without the benefit of seeing him in person. If you would like to completely change your physique and would like to do it by consulting with me online, click onto my Online Consultations link and let’s get started on improving your physique TODAY!

Ed Ryan’s comments on the Online Consultation Program

Everyone trying to stay fit and healthy needs some type of motivation. When you own a fitness center and train people all day long finding motivation is even more difficult. After finishing 2nd in my first bodybuilding show and 3rd in my second show (at age 38) I decided I needed to find someone or some thing to take me to the next level. 2nd place is just not good enough.

After reading several of his articles in IronMan I purchased John’s book, “Natural Bodybuilding” and read it cover-to-cover. When you are drug-free you have to take most of what you read in magazines with a grain of salt. There is no way the human body will grow massive, without the use of Steroids. Something the magazine Publisher’s either just assume we all know or, try to fool readers by never pointing that out. John’s book was a much needed breathe of fresh air – and truth!

I reached out to John, via e-mail. For being a 2-time Mr. Natural Universe and a Mr. Natural Olympia winner, he was friendlier than I ever imagined he would be. We worked out an arrangement where John would put together an eating plan and workout routine for me and together we would modify it along the way. I was preparing for two shows and I did not want to place second or third again.

John “trained” me for 12 weeks. I live in Fort Myers, FL. He lives in Chicago. Every Saturday I took pictures and e-mailed them to John for his comments. I also measured my waist and tracked everything I ate. We made adjustments along the way and whenever I had any questions we communicated via e-mail. It was exactly what I needed.

I entered two shows in 2005 and I’m happy to say that I took 1st place both times. There is no doubt in my mind that without John I would not have won. It’s one thing when your family and friends tell you that you look good. It’s another thing when you get total honesty from someone who’s been on stage before in front of those judges.

My advice to anyone interested in competing – no matter what your age – or, if you are just trying to get past a plateau in your fitness program, buy his book and then call him. John is very user friendly, always upbeat, honest and most of all, he’s been there so he has credibility.

Thanks John.