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Mike (Before)Mike (After)Every so often, I work with a client who is extremely motivated and really wants to make a change in their appearance. Sometimes, this client doesn’t realize that they have what it takes to make such an extraordinary transformation. They merely have a desire to get in shape and get back on track. Then, somewhere along the way, they find within themselves a motivation and desire that they didn’t even realize they had and they go on to accomplish something that is incredible. That was the case with Mike.

Mike has continued to improve as he moves toward his competition. In this latest photograph, Mike is now down to 160 pounds and his waist has decreased to an astounding 29 1/2” waist. That is nearly one foot of fat that he has lost off his waist since he started his transformation process, eight months ago.

Mike's Success
Weight:     22.0 lbs
Waist:     8.0 inches