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Bud (Before)Bud (After)Bud had a dream of competing in a bodybuilding contest. He started weight training in his teens and always had the desire to get onstage and compete with other bodybuilders in an actual bodybuilding contest. Unfortunately, as often happens, life gets in the way of our dreams. Bud got married, went into the military, had children, started a job as a fireman in Rockford, Illinois and began his own personal training business. Now, at the age of 43, Bud wanted to fulfill his fantasy of getting ready for a bodybuilding contest and finally stepping onstage.

Bud and his wife were very happy with his experience competing in his first bodybuilding contest. To completely change his physique in only 15 weeks was an amazing accomplishment. It is a testament to Bud’s commitment and dedication that he was able to realize his goal and achieve peak condition. Now that he has his feet wet, you can plan on seeing Bud compete again soon on a bodybuilding stage near you.

Bud's Success
Weight:     19.0 lbs
Waist:     5.0 inches