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Pam (After)Pam came to see me for a consultation in early July of 2009. Pam was the heaviest she had ever been in her life after giving birth to twin boys the year before. Although she was doing some occasional cardio and some light weight training, she needed to turn things around and start losing weight now!

In addition to her twin baby boys, Pam also had a five year old son so she was certainly busy with taking care of three young children. As so often happens with many parents, they give all their time and attention to their children and neglect to take care of themselves. Nearly one year after having her twins, Pam found herself weighing more than she ever had in her life.

Talk about progress! Pam lost 35 pounds and reduced her bodyfat percentage 12% in only 12 weeks. She also lost an incredible 7 inches off her waist in three months. Her hips went down 5 inches and she lost 2 1/2 inches from her thighs. To say that Pam needed a new wardrobe is an understatement!

Congratulations to Pam on all her hard work and dedication to making a change in her body. By only weight training twice a week and following her diet meticulously, Pam was able to completely change both her appearance and her life. She was also much stronger, which really made a difference in picking up her rapidly growing twin boys.

Pam's Success
Weight:     35.0 lbs
Waist:     7.0 inches
Bodyfat:     12%