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Daniel McCrory


More Sculpted Body Shape
Measure-Tape Measure
(on 6/2/01)
(on 8/23/01)
Bodyweight 138 lbs.   150 lbs. 12 lb. gain
Chest 34 ½" 36 ¼" 1 ¾" gain
Waist  27 ¼" 28 ½"  1 ¼" gain
Arms 12" 13" 1" gain
Thighs 19" 20 ½"  1 ½" gain
Calves   13" 13 ¾"   ¾" gain
Forearms  11" 11 ¾" ¾" gain
Strength-Weights Used Before
(on 5/17/01)
(on 8/21/01)
Squats (legs) 135 lbs. x 8 reps 245 lbs x 10  110 lb. increase
Bench Press 115 lbs. x 3 reps 145 lbs x 3 30 lb. increase
Barbell Rows 55 lbs. x 10 reps  125 lbs. x 8 70 lb. increase
Deadlifts (back) 135 lbs. x 8 reps   185 lbs. x 8   50 lb. increase
Tricep Extensions  50 lbs. x 10 reps 90 lbs. x 8 40 lb. increase

Daniel McCrory had a problem gaining weight. Daniel was 17 years old and had just finished his junior year of high school. At 6'2", Daniel tipped the scales at an underwhelming 135 pounds. He was on the wrestling team in high school and he was getting tired of being pushed around by his opponents.


Karl Slater

Hydrostatic Weighing
Body Composition Test

(on 3/26/02)
(on 6/26/02)
Bodyweight 165 lbs 159 lbs 6 lbs. less
Percent Fat 19.4% 14.6%  4.8% less
Fat Weight  32 lbs. 23 lbs. 9 lbs. less fat
Lean Weight 133 lbs.  135 lbs. 2 lbs. more muscle

More Sculpted Body Shape
Measure-Tape Measure
(on 3/27/02)
(on 6/25/02)
Chest 38 ¾"          39 ¼" ½" more
Waist 35 ¾" 31 ½" 4 ¼" less
Thigh  22 ½" 23" ½" more
Calf  14 ¼" 14 ½"  ¼" more
Upper Arm 13 ¼" 13 ¾" ½" more
Forearm  11" 12" 1" more
Improved Aerobic Capacity
Measure-Aerobic Capacity
(on 3/27/02)
(on 6/25/02)

Jogging/Running in
Heart Rate Target Zone
20 min. in the morning,
3 days a week
20 min. in the morning and
40 min. at night, 5 days per week
40 min. more and 2
added days per week

Improved Cholesterol
Measure - Cholesterol
Blood Test
(on 3/27/02)
(on 6/25/02)
Total Cholesterol 192   135  57 mg/dl less
LDL/HDL ratio 3.1 3.4 3 "point"


karlKarl Slater is one of my most successful clients. He totally transformed his physique at the age of 52 by simultaneously losing fat and gaining muscle. What's even more amazing is that he accomplished this with no previous weight training experience. Karl had never lifted a weight before in his life even though he was an accomplished runner.

When I first met Karl, he had the type of physique I would describe as "skinny fat". He was not overweight in the traditional sense, in fact, he appeared rather thin. However, his stomach had started to develop the characteristic middle-aged spread that often affects men in their 40's and 50's.

Karl had been running for years but his muscle mass was lacking and his bodyfat percentage was still too high. His original goal was to develop some strength in his upper body and legs in order to make his running more efficient. We began with a basic training program so Karl could become accustomed to the different exercises. I used light to moderate weights so Karl could perform each movement with perfect form. Karl was a great student because he always asked me a lot of questions regarding his exercise form as we progressed through this learning curve.


Bonnie Mintz

bonnie (before)Bonnie Mintz and her friend, Paula McBride, are two of my most successful clients. Both of them decided to compete in a natural bodybuilding contest even though neither of them had even witnessed a competition before. However, once they made the decision to get onstage, they both trained and dieted with complete focus and dedication. They did exactly what I told them to do and they surprised themselves with the incredible results.

Bonnie came to me in January of 2005 with a big goal in mind. She was going to turn 40 years old later that year and she wanted to do something spectacular with her body. An accomplished runner, Bonnie’s original goal was to compete in her first marathon at 40 years old. However, she was beginning to suffer from plantar fasciitis which made her goal of running a full marathon impossible.

Since Bonnie was always naturally muscular with wide shoulders, she decided to compete in a physique competition. She was unsure if she should enter a bodybuilding contest or a figure competition. I explained the difference of physique vs. figure to Bonnie and, after evaluating her physique, we decided that figure would probably be the best option.

Bonnie was not overly muscular but she had good muscle tone and was actively working out with weights in addition to her extensive cardio training. I thought that if I put her on a fat-loss diet designed specifically for her body, she would retain her muscle mass while reducing her bodyfat. By leaning out, I thought Bonnie would have a good chance to compete successfully as a figure competitor.

bonnie (after)I had Bonnie take a “Before” picture so we could evaluate her progress as she dieted over the next few months. Her plan was to compete in the NPC Grand Prix Natural contest on May 7th, 2005. She came to me in January and began her diet on January 30, 2005, leaving her 14 weeks to get ready for her contest.

After the first week, Bonnie changed her mind and decided to enter the bodybuilding competition instead of the figure. Bonnie has been an athlete her whole life and she actually felt uncomfortable wearing the high heel shoes that are a part of the figure competition. She wanted to do something more athletic and liked the challenge of transforming her body so she could flex her muscles onstage and compete as a bodybuilder.


Ed Ryan

Ed Ryan (beforeEd Ryan is a gym owner and natural bodybuilder from Fort Myers, Florida. Ed had competed in bodybuilding contests before, placing 2nd in his first bodybuilding show. He competed in the same show a year later but dropped down to 3rd place at 38 years old.

Ed contacted me via email and requested my advice to help him win his next bodybuilding contest. He was planning on competing in two competitions in 2005 and he wanted to improve his condition and his placings the next time he stepped onstage. Ed told me he was tired of trying so hard and always missing out on that coveted first place trophy.

I asked Ed to write out his current training and nutrition program using my online Personal Consultation Program. When I was able to see what Ed had been doing to prepare for his previous competitions, I was able to fix it up so he would see better results in less time.

This was a unique situation because Ed was in Florida and I was in Chicago. I had never met Ed face to face and, in fact, had never even talked to him on the phone. All of our interaction was done through emails and the internet.


Paula McBride

PaulaPaula McBride came to me as a friend of Bonnie Mintz. I met Paula about a week or two after meeting Bonnie. Paula was motivated by Bonnie’s idea to start a fat-loss diet and improve her physique. Paula told me she was not interested in competing in a bodybuilding contest like Bonnie but she did want to follow the diet along with Bonnie to lose some fat and look better.

Paula was an athlete all her life. She had been lifting weights as a means of staying fit for many years and she was currently teaching spinning classes at a local fitness center. She was in great shape but she was really looking forward to improving her body with a personalized training and nutrition program.

After about a week of following the diet and workout, Paula changed her mind and decided to compete after all. The NPC Natural Grand Prix featured a Masters Bodybuilding division so Paula, at the age of 44, decided to enter that competition. She was very psyched up and excited about the concept of getting onstage. Paula is very outgoing and she just wanted to compete for the fun of it and have a good time. She didn’t even care where she placed in the contest.




Mike (Before)Mike (After)Every so often, I work with a client who is extremely motivated and really wants to make a change in their appearance. Sometimes, this client doesn’t realize that they have what it takes to make such an extraordinary transformation. They merely have a desire to get in shape and get back on track. Then, somewhere along the way, they find within themselves a motivation and desire that they didn’t even realize they had and they go on to accomplish something that is incredible. That was the case with Mike.

Mike has continued to improve as he moves toward his competition. In this latest photograph, Mike is now down to 160 pounds and his waist has decreased to an astounding 29 1/2” waist. That is nearly one foot of fat that he has lost off his waist since he started his transformation process, eight months ago.

Mike's Success
Weight:     22.0 lbs
Waist:     8.0 inches


Bud (Before)Bud (After)Bud had a dream of competing in a bodybuilding contest. He started weight training in his teens and always had the desire to get onstage and compete with other bodybuilders in an actual bodybuilding contest. Unfortunately, as often happens, life gets in the way of our dreams. Bud got married, went into the military, had children, started a job as a fireman in Rockford, Illinois and began his own personal training business. Now, at the age of 43, Bud wanted to fulfill his fantasy of getting ready for a bodybuilding contest and finally stepping onstage.

Bud and his wife were very happy with his experience competing in his first bodybuilding contest. To completely change his physique in only 15 weeks was an amazing accomplishment. It is a testament to Bud’s commitment and dedication that he was able to realize his goal and achieve peak condition. Now that he has his feet wet, you can plan on seeing Bud compete again soon on a bodybuilding stage near you.

Bud's Success
Weight:     19.0 lbs
Waist:     5.0 inches


Pam (After)Pam came to see me for a consultation in early July of 2009. Pam was the heaviest she had ever been in her life after giving birth to twin boys the year before. Although she was doing some occasional cardio and some light weight training, she needed to turn things around and start losing weight now!

In addition to her twin baby boys, Pam also had a five year old son so she was certainly busy with taking care of three young children. As so often happens with many parents, they give all their time and attention to their children and neglect to take care of themselves. Nearly one year after having her twins, Pam found herself weighing more than she ever had in her life.

Talk about progress! Pam lost 35 pounds and reduced her bodyfat percentage 12% in only 12 weeks. She also lost an incredible 7 inches off her waist in three months. Her hips went down 5 inches and she lost 2 1/2 inches from her thighs. To say that Pam needed a new wardrobe is an understatement!

Congratulations to Pam on all her hard work and dedication to making a change in her body. By only weight training twice a week and following her diet meticulously, Pam was able to completely change both her appearance and her life. She was also much stronger, which really made a difference in picking up her rapidly growing twin boys.

Pam's Success
Weight:     35.0 lbs
Waist:     7.0 inches
Bodyfat:     12%