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Natural Bodybuilding Seminar/Competitions

Natural Bodybuilding Seminar DVDIn Natural Bodybuilding Seminar and Competition John presents a 90 minute seminar that covers all aspects of drug-free bodybuilding. Included in this seminar is: How to Construct a Mass-Building Routine The Best Exercises for Building Size and Strength John’s Personal Mass Building Routine Nutrition Information on Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats How to put together a Bodybuilding Diet Pre-Contest Training Routines and Cardio Pre-Contest Diets for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle.

Also presented is a compilation of John's Natural Bodybuilding Competitions. Featuring exciting footage from the pre-judging, posedown, and free posing routines, John shows you what it takes to win a natural bodybuilding competition such as the Natural Mr. Olympia and Natural Mr. Universe.

Plus $5.00 for Shipping and Handling