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Natural Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilding

My book, “Natural Bodybuilding” is currently available in the Pro Shop. Years in the making, “Natural Bodybuilding” is a great book for the drug-free bodybuilder who wants to know the training and nutrition programs necessary to develop their best physique.

I put a lot of work into this book and packed it with as much information as possible in order to educate bodybuilders who want to create a prize-winning physique without having to resort to steroids and other illegal and dangerous drugs. Many young trainers feel that it is impossible to build a muscular body without using the juice. This is a sad statement on the current bodybuilding scene.

The truth is that you can build an awesome, contest ready physique without ever having to pick up a needle or swallow dangerous drugs. Ingesting illegal drugs and taking risks with your health are not the only methods of obtaining a muscular body. The road to building massive muscles is certainly not easy but it can be done.

Creating a great physique requires hard, heavy workouts in combination with the right nutrition program. If you don’t properly stimulate the muscles with your training and then feed the muscles to allow them to grow, you will not build the size you are looking to build.

I do not believe that ANYONE really wants to take steroids and other drugs to build their physiques. The only reason anyone takes this risk is that they either do not believe that they can do it without the drugs or they do not know have the knowledge on how to accomplish this challenging task naturally.

Complicating this problem is that there is little information in the bodybuilding world on how to build the physique from a drug-free standpoint. Natural bodybuilders are not “freaky” enough to be considered a hot item that will sell more magazines. As a result, most of the bodybuilding publications are filled with the top amateurs and pros who are not drug-free. When the magazines ask these awesome bodybuilders how they build their physiques, they may explain in detail their training, diet and supplement programs but they will, understandably, leave out any info regarding the drugs they take.

As a result, many beginning bodybuilders are misled on how to develop their skinny bodies to look like the massive monsters they admire in the magazines. Of course, steroids and other growth-enhancing drugs are no longer the secret that they used to be so everyone is aware of how these drugs can help to build muscular size. What everyone does not know is that building a great physique (big and ripped) is totally possible without using drugs.

That was my primary goal in writing this important book. I wanted to provide the knowledge on how to develop your individual physique to its ultimate potential without ever having to use steroids and other drugs. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to know which exercises to use, how many sets and reps to utilize, how to set up an effective training program, what foods to eat and how to structure a diet program to build muscular size and reduce unwanted bodyfat.
John Hansend at 'Natural Bodybuilding' book signing

Building massive muscles and developing a prize-winning physique is not easy for most of us. It requires years of dedication and hard work but it CAN be done. Taking the easy way out by resorting to illegal and dangerous drugs is not the answer. These substances are expensive, risky and their benefits are short-term. The positive results from these drugs only last as long as you take them. Once you get off the drugs (and everyone eventually has to get off them), you go back to what you were before. Wouldn’t it be a better option to learn how to develop your physique naturally with the most effective training and nutrition programs and not have to resort to drugs in order to build your physique?

In addition to the all the relevant information on training and nutrition to build your physique naturally, there is also a full section in “Natural Bodybuilding” about contest preparation. You will learn how to train and diet in preparation for a bodybuilding competition and how to put together a posing routine. Also included is information on what happens the day of a contest, what the judges are looking for, how to properly hit each pose and what goes on backstage at a bodybuilding show.

“Natural Bodybuilding” is unique in two ways. First of all, it is the only book available that shows the aspiring bodybuilder how to develop their physique naturally, without using any steroids or other dangerous drugs. Second, it is the only book I know of that fully covers what goes on during a bodybuilding competition and what to expect when you compete. Third, all of this information is coming from an experienced, competitive bodybuilder who has developed his physique without drugs and won several top competitions in the process.


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Table of Contents for "Natural Bodybuilding"

Part I: Building Blocks for Massive Muscles

Chapter 1:  Sizing Up Your Body's Potential
Chapter 2:  Training Methods for Adding Mass
Chapter 3:  Performing Split Routines for Fast Progress
Chapter 4:  Eating for Maximum Results

Part II: Mastering the Exercises
Chapter 5:  Chest, Back and Shoulders
Chapter 6:  Biceps, Triceps and Forearms
Chapter 7:  Thighs and Calves
Chapter 8:  Abs

Part III: Preparing for Competition
Chapter 9:   Precontest Dieting
Chapter 10:  Precontest Training
Chapter 11:  Posing Routines
Chapter 12:  Final Week Refinements
Chapter 13:  Prejudging, Finals and Posedown Tactics