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SeminarsMr. Natural Olympia, John Hansen, speaks to your athletes with powerful messages to stay off drugs, stop the violence and stay motivated!

John Hansen is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Natural Bodybuilding. His 33 years of experience, including a 25 year Competitive Bodybuilding career, have given him the experience and knowledge to help anyone who wants to improve their body. From the person just getting started to the experienced lifter who is looking to compete or bring his physique to the next level, John has the knowledge and experience that will allow you to finally achieve your Ultimate Physique.

John Hansen has been speaking in schools, fitness clubs, YMCA’s and for the Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years. He is an expert in the areas of drug-free sports as well as health and fitness. An author and motivational speaker, John inspires audiences with his tale of persistence, discipline, hard work and unrelenting desire in the pursuit of his dream to win the Mr. Universe title. Acclaimed worldwide, John’s seminars will motivate, educate and inspire others to believe in their own dreams and potential.

John Hansen has been seen on television such as ESPN, WGN, and WBBM in Chicago. John has also been in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Herald, The Southtown Economist, MuscleMag International Magazine, IronMan Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, and dozens of other publications across the country.

Program Objectives

• Educating and inspiring athletes to be their best and to become winners without resorting to the use of drugs.

• Showing students and athletes how they can use the power of their own minds to see themselves as winners.

• Setting the example that hard work and sacrifice are the essential building blocks to making their dreams come true.

• Educating and demonstrating to students and athletes the right mind set and the value of persistence for their continued success.

• To creat a drug-free, violence-free forum for students to help them achieve their goals through hard work, discipline and determination.

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