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Personal Training

One on OneAre you ready to make the best gains of your life? Are you tired of wasting your time trying to find the right workout or diet that will give you the physique you want?

John Hansen is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Natural Bodybuilding. His 33 years of experience, including a 25 year Competitive Bodybuilding career, have given him the experience and knowledge to help anyone who wants to improve their body. From the person just getting started to the experienced lifter who is looking to compete or bring his physique to the next level, John has the knowledge and experience that will allow you to finally achieve your Ultimate Physique.

John has been sharing his knowledge around the world for years. He has written a monthly question and answer column for IronMan Magazine called “Naturally Huge” since January, 2000. He is also the author of the widely acclaimed book, "Natural Bodybuilding" (Human Kinetics, 2005) and has produced two DVDs, "Real Muscle - The Training DVD for the Natural Bodybuilder" and "Natural Bodybuilder Seminar and Competitions." Hansen also writes a weekly blog for American Bodybuilding and answers questions on for his own forum. It is no exaggeration to say that John Hansen is one of the world’s leading authorities on developing a Drug-Free, Muscular and Ripped Physique!

For serious results, you need a serious trainer!

John Hansen, two time Natural Mr. Universe and the first Mr. Natural Olympia Champion is now available for personal training and nutrition consultations. John has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in fitness and nutrition. He currently writes a monthly column for IRONMAN Magazine in which he answers questions from around the world on nutrition and training. Now, you can have John as your own personal coach in the quest for a new physique. Don't waste your time or money with ineffective training methods or dangerous diets. Start making progress today with a fitness expert who will put your needs first!

John trains clients out of Tampa, Florida either in-home or at a training facility. You will work with John one-on-one in a private environment without the hassles of joining an expensive health club or competing with other members for equipment. There is no cost for using this facility. You only pay for your training sessions with John.

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