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Online Personal Training

Online Personal TrainingThe Online Training and Nutrition Program allows John the opportunity to help you achieve the body you want without having to train in person. John will design your workouts and your diet WEEK-TO-WEEK and watch over your progress. By communicating with John via unlimited email support, you will be able to discuss any sticking points or plateaus you are going through so he can find a solution in order for you to keep making progress.

John will send you a comprehensive Training and Nutrition Questionnaire to get started. After receiving your completed form, he will contact you by phone or email and obtain more information about your current training and diet program, as well as what goals you would like to achieve.

After John gathers all the necessary information about your past and current training, he will write out a fully detailed Training and Nutrition Program for you to follow. This will not be a generic program, but a highly specialized program designed specifically for you. In the Training and Nutrition Program, will be written what exercises to perform, what weight to use, the number of repetitions you should aim for and, here is the best part, John will change your routine EVERY WEEK so your muscles will not adapt to the same old program. You will not have to think about what to do or why you should do it. It will all be written out for your specific physique. All you need to do is follow it! More information about the Online Personal Training Program can be seen in the ProShop.

John will do the same with your Nutrition Program. Each week, John will consult with you by email or phone to see what progress you are making. If you have hit a sticking point and are not making significant progress week-to-week, he will modify your Nutrition Program to overcome that plateau. More information about the Online Personal Training Program can be seen in the ProShop.

If you are satisfied with the training and nutrition plan you are following but you have some serious questions that you need answered, I am also available to help you. Email me the top three questions that are causing you the most confusion and I will answer those questions in detail for you.

If you are tired of not getting the results you want, hire an Experienced Expert who has the resume and the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Don’t waste time hiring the local personal trainer who probably doesn’t know any more about training than you do. If you want the best results, hire the best person for the job! John Hansen will guide you WEEK-BY-WEEK to give you the progress you are looking for!!

Make the Right Move! Put your bodybuilding future in John's experienced hands today. Contact John today to get started with your FREE Training and Nutrition Questionnaire. Begin training with John Hansen and start making progress TODAY!!