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Personalized Training & Nutritional Program

One on One Personal TrainingThe benefit of the Personalized Training and Nutrition Programs is that you will have a workout and diet that is set up specifically for YOU. No more reading about general routines written in magazines that could be applied to the millions of people who read that article. The Personalized Training and Nutrition Program will take into account your individual physique (height, weight, bodyfat percentage, previous and current injuries, your strong or dominant bodyparts, your weak bodyparts, etc.) along with what your goals are (gaining size and strength, getting ripped and lean, bulking up, developing certain bodyparts, overcoming sticking points, etc.).

With over 20 years of training experience under his weight belt and having competed in over 30 competitions all over the world, you will feel confident knowing that when it comes to designing your training and nutrition programs, you will see the results! If you want to start making gains NOW, click to order Customized Personalized Training, or the Customized Nutrition Program and you can get on the right track to achieving your goals immediately.

If you are satisfied with the training and nutrition plan you are following but you have some serious questions that you need answered, John is also available to help you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that are causing you the most confusion and they will be answered in detail for you.

Make the Right Move! Put your bodybuilding future in John's experienced hands today.