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The Training DVD for the Drug Free Bodybuilder

John Hansen, Mr. Natural Olympia, presents “REAL MUSCLE”, the Training DVD specifically designed for the Drug-Free Bodybuilder. You don’t need steroids to develop a massive physique but what you DO need is the knowledge and
intensity of a champion.

John Hansen has 25 years of bodybuilding experience winning the Mr. Natural Olympia, Natural Mr. Universe, Natural Mr. North America, Natural America’s Cup and Natural Illinois. He writes a monthly training and nutrition advice column for IRONMAN Magazine and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Natural Bodybuilding”.

“REAL MUSCLE” features the exact training routine that John uses to build his championship physique. A full week of workouts are demonstrated on the DVD. Presented in a unique format, the “REAL MUSCLE” DVD provides both instruction and motivation for the Natural Bodybuilder. Each exercise is shown in two complete sets.

The first set is the warm-up set in which John describes the correct form to use to get the maximum benefit from the exercise. Since the proper technique of each exercise is crucial in acquiring the maximum benefit from each movement, this section of the DVD is critical.

The second set is the intensity set. This set is filmed in black and white in a real gym with real weights. John graphically demonstrates the type of intensity that is required to build REAL MUSCLE! You will feel the grit and determination as John trains with heavy weights using the basic exercises when you watch the intensity set on the "REAL MUSCLE" DVD.

Don't miss your opportunity to discover the secrets of developing massive size naturally without resorting to steroids or other drugs.

The Real Muscle Training DVD is now available!
Don't miss your opportunity to discover the secrets of developing massive size naturally without resorting to steroids or other drugs.

"Natural Bodybuilding Seminar and Competition" & "Real Muscle" for $40.00


In Natural Bodybuilding Seminar and Competition John presents a 90 minute seminar that covers all aspects of drug-free bodybuilding. Included in this seminar is: How to Construct a Mass-Building Routine The Best Exercises for Building Size and Strength John’s Personal Mass Building Routine Nutrition Information on Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats How to put together a Bodybuilding Diet Pre-Contest Training Routines and Cardio Pre-Contest Diets for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle.

Also presented is a compilation of John's Natural Bodybuilding Competitions. Featuring exciting footage from the pre-judging, posedown, and free posing routines, John shows you what it takes to win a natural bodybuilding competition such as the Natural Mr. Olympia and Natural Mr. Universe.