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Without a doubt, being consistent is one of the keys to being successful in reaching your goals. You could be using the perfect training program, applying the most intensity to your workouts, eating the ideal nutrition plan, taking the best supplements in the world, using the most positive visual images to fuel your workouts, have the best training partner in the world, train in the best gym in the world, etc, etc, etc., but if you don't use all these things on a consistent basis, you are wasting your time.

Consistency is very important for bodybuilders who are just getting started. How many times have you heard someone comment that they like working out but they just can't seem to stick with it? If the beginners to this sport can just stay with it until it becomes a habit, they will most likely continue training for the rest of their life.

Being consistent is absolutely essential for making progress. Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I don't care how hard you work out, if you keep missing workouts, you will never move forward. When I was just beginning bodybuilding, I read an article by Arnold in which he said that every workout you miss will put you back about 2 weeks. That was all the motivation I needed to stay consistent with my workouts and never miss a training session.

I can still vouch for the validity of this statement even today. If I miss a back training session, for example, when I come back the next week to train my back, I notice that my strength and endurance are slightly under what they were before I missed that training session. Being consistent with my workouts is very important in making gains in size and strength each week.

This also applies to your nutrition plan. Since bodybuilders eat an average of six meals per day, it's important that they are consistent with eating the meals on time and eating the right foods with each meal. Obviously, if bodybuilders keep missing meals or they are not consistent with eating the right foods each meal, their progress will be limited.

Shawn Ray, a professional bodybuilder who has placed in the top 5 at the Mr. Olympia for the past 10 years, is one of the most consistent bodybuilders on the planet. Think about how consistent Shawn must have been over the last decade to train consistently, eat all his meals consistently, take all his supplements consistently, get enough rest each night consistently, and do this for ten years! This is an unparalled achievement and is a testament to how important it is to be consistent with your training and nutrition if you want to achieve your goals in bodybuilding.

Being consistent obviously goes hand in hand with discipline. It takes discipline to fuel your consistency. Discipline allows you to go to the gym when you just want to lay on the couch and watch TV. Discipline forces you to cook the right foods to eat instead of just getting in your car and going through the drive-thru at the nearest fast food restaurant. By using your discipline to stay consistent, you will definitely be on your way to reaching your bodybuilding goals. Stay Consistent!!