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The Magic of Visualization

One of the greatest tools you can use in bodybuilding is visualization. Visualization involves using your imagination to see yourself the way you want to be. By flooding your subconscious mind with a positive vision of where you see you yourself, you are creating a self fulfiling prophecy. Since your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy, you are creating your own future through the power of your imagination.

Visualization takes practice in order to become good at it. I recommend that you set aside a certain time each day to "daydream" and use visualization for your benefit. Find a quiet place and see yourself the way you want your physique to look. If you find it hard to see your body looking big and ripped, one method of getting to that level is to pick a bodybuilder who has a bodytype similar to yours and imagine yourself looking like that.

Bodybuilding champion Boyer Coe used to cut out pictures of bodybuilders from the magazines when he was young. The only twist was that Boyer would paste a photo of his face on their physiques. This was a method for Boyer to begin to imagine himself looking like a champion bodybuilder.

Be sure to pick a bodybuilder who has a similar bodytype to yours. Arnold Schwarzenegger picked Reg Park as his role model since they both had similar physiques. Arnold was as tall as Reg with wide shoulders, a big ribcage and a powerful physique. When Arnold was a young boy training in Austria, he visualized himself as Reg Park. This helped to motivate him in his training through his formative years.

Another method of using visualization to your benefit is to visualize your workout before actually going to the gym. Imagining the workout set by set, rep by rep, with the weights you intend on using, will really fire you up before you ever step in the gym.

Many bodybuilders see themselves as warriors during their workouts. They wear workout clothes (shoes, headbands, gloves, hats) that give them the right attitude for high-intensity training. Arnold said that if he had been aware of the character Conan the Barbarian when he was training for the Mr. Olympia contest, he would have imagined himself as that mythical figure during his workouts.

Your mind is a very powerful weapon that you can use to your benefit for your bodybuilding training. Use your imagination to see yourself as the champion you will one day become. By visualizing your workouts as well as the finished product in your mind, you are setting yourself up for a successful future.